The New Blockchain Economy (Greek edition)

 “The new blockchain economy” by Nikos Bogonikolos 

The book is structured to cover the multiple new “chapters” that the new and promising blockchain technology opens up in the economy as well as in society.

Lately we have been experiencing the revolution of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

Countries from all over the world are accepting the operation of cryptocurrencies. The European Central Bank now accepts them as intangible assets. The Dutch government requires taxpayers to declare any cryptocurrencies they own in their annual tax return.  Greece is also moving with small steps.

How did the new technology come about? How was it developed and how does it work? What were the first relevant platforms and networks? What do we know about cryptocurrencies? Which States First Adopted Blockchain Technology? How do the European Union and the European Central Bank see the whole matter? What is the role to date of the USA, China and the Arab world? How does blockchain technology contribute to the digital transformation especially of the public sector? Are there similar Greek initiatives? Will cybersecurity and advanced high-tech applications monopolize our interest in blockchain?


All the above and many more questions are thoroughly answered in the pages of this book which aspires to help you understand the basic elements of blockchain technology and how it is evolving in the European and the global private and public sector high-tech services market.

The book is available here